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Airports that we ship directly too

Atlanta, Miami, Denver. Memphis, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, Houston, Dallas, Newark, New York, Toronto, and Vancouver.

We can also ship to all regional, major airports throughout the world if the weather restrictions are not in place to flat nose breeds.

We are now proud to offer puppy nanny service where the pup is hand delivered to you anytime of the year. Additional fee's do apply, if overnight stay is required.

Frenchie Basics

  1. French bulldogs LOVE people! They love anyone and everyone.
  2. Bulldogs are considered a "silent breed". Simply put they don't bark much, which is good for you and good for your neighbors.
  3. French Bulldogs can make good apartment dogs. These dogs don't require tons of space as long as you don't leave them alone too long.
  4. Frenchies enjoy walks. They are a moderate energy dog so short walks get the job done. They WILL NOT be your running buddy. No collars, body harnesses only.
  5. Frenchies love order and cleanliness.
  6. French Bulldogs love spending time with family indoors. Nothing is better then snuggling up with your puppy on cold winter days.
  7. French Bulldogs are independent, funny, obedient, protective and affectionate. All pluses for a family pet. They have also been known to have a so-called "sixth sense" when it comes to protecting children.
  8. This is NOT an outdoor dog!! This is a Brachycephalic breed (flat faced) and pants inefficiently. Heat stress can cause the throat to swell, rapidly increasing overheating, and restricting airflow into the respiratory system. They can DIE from overheating very easily.
  9. This dog should not be left in your car. If your car is too hot for you it is definitely too hot for your Frenchie.
  10. French Bulldogs are very social. One of the best qualities of a Frenchie is its sociable and happy nature. This means it is your responsibility to provide them with plenty of attention. If you work long days or are gone for long periods of time then this is not the dog for you.
  11. French Bulldogs SINK in water. You should reconsider owning this breed if you have a swimming pool or live by a lake or pond. Frenchies have a top heavy frame, chest and head. The French Bulldog cannot swim, and will quickly drown if they are in water where their feet cannot touch the ground. Some Frenchies enjoy water and can do so under close supervision or with a life jacket.

Since I get asked a lot of questions, I decided to make a sections that answers all your basic questions. Please email me at any time if you feel that you have any additional questions.

What type of Guarantee do you give with your puppies?
Check out the Guarantee page on our site for all the details.

I am very hesitant about shipping my puppy with the airlines, how safe is it?
We believe that the shipping process can be made convenient for the puppy if the proper precautions are taken in advance. We never ship our puppies without our Veterinary approval. Don't forgot that airlines have strict rules and regulations and as long as the dog is healthy it's not a problem.

The airlines have strict policies that govern the shipping of animals and hefty fines, upwards of $10,000 can be imposed for violations. Each animal shipped must have a signed documented Veterinary Certificate stating that the animal is in good health and must have a certificate of acclamation stating the temperatures at which the animal can be exposed to.

If you still feel hesitant about shipping your puppy we can always hand deliver your puppy to you. This service is wonderful if weather does not permit shipping during the summer time or if don't want you puppy to be alone during it's travel. Prices vary depending on the airlines and destination.

Shipping rates are around $350.00 and up depending on the location. Please email us for an exact quote.

The following is included in your shipping price:

  • Special airline crate with accessories
  • Puppy airline ticket
  • Veterinary exam to fly
  • Health certificate to fly
  • Time and travel expenses

What type of Dog food do you feed your dog?
If you ask a hundred breeders you will more likely get a hundred different answers. But we feed our dogs taste of the Wild Pacific Stream. Our puppies are feed Taste of the wild puppy. After trying over a dozen dog food brands we noticed this was the best blend of complete dog food. It is a bit expensive but lasts a very long time. Please don't feed your dog Ol'roy or any of that cheap stuff. Remember what goes in must come out. By feeding your dog quality food you are guarantying that they will live a long healthy life and will be less likely to have health problems.

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