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Airports that we ship directly too

Atlanta, Miami, Denver. Memphis, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, Houston, Dallas, Newark, New York, Toronto, and Vancouver.

We can also ship to all regional, major airports throughout the world if the weather restrictions are not in place to flat nose breeds.

We are now proud to offer puppy nanny service where the pup is hand delivered to you anytime of the year. Additional fee's do apply, if overnight stay is required.

Process for adopting a puppy from Exotic French Bulldogs

  1. Contact us via phone or email and tell us more about who you are and what kind of life our bulldog puppy will have. We will also be glad to answer any questions and concerns you might have. We also have a online application that is required be completed before adoption is considered. The Application is below on this page.
  2. If your approved to purchase a bulldog puppy from us we then accept a non-refundable deposit. The deposit amount is $500 that can be paid through our website. This non-refundable deposit will hold your puppy for 1 weeks prior to shipping. We also need a signed and notarized contract from you. A puppy will not leave Exotic Frenchies until we have received a signed and notarized contract from you. We will also send you a shopping list for your new bulldog puppy. We do not offer a payment plan or financing on our puppies.
  3. We do accept the $500 deposit via credit card (Visa, MasterCard) (We do not accept AMEX or Discover) if the puppy is less than 6 weeks old. If the puppy is older than 6 weeks old Full Payment has to be made.
  4. 1 week before shipping the final balance plus shipping is due.
  5. If the final payment has not been received 1 week prior to shipping. A $10 a day boarding fee will be charged until full payment has been made.
  6. After all payment have been made. This puppy will be shipped 2 weeks from that date. If shipping is delayed due to scheduling conflicts than you will be responsible for any boarding fees.
  7. We ship on Wednesday's and Saturday's. We can only try to accommodate to your schedule but, it is your sole responsibility to make arrangements to pick up your puppy from the airport. Also, shipping can be delayed for any reason because of temperatures.
  8. We do not have a cancellation policy so please understand that after payment has been made that payment is non-refundable. The only time payment is refundable is when the puppy has a life-threatening or untreatable defect. See Shipping/Returns Page for more info.
  9. If for any reason, you have personal conflict or change of heart your payment is non-refundable. You will have a credit with us for one year from the date of purchase minus $300 for loss of time and for payment for advertising the puppy again. (This is to insure that our puppies will have a home. It is not fair for our puppies to have a home and the last minute you change your mind and other customers who might have been interested in our puppy miss their chance because you have changed your mind.)
  10. We want our puppies in homes where they will be loved and cared for unconditionally. We put a lot of time into raising/caring for these frenchie babies.
  11. We ship our puppies via a puppy nanny directly into Largest Airport Closest To you. We do also have ground transport available as well if temperatures are too hot/cold for shipping your puppy.
  12. We do not allow customers in our home. We feel that it is not safe for our puppies or our family due to high rate of stolen puppies and crime. NO EXCEPTIONS unless they have been checked out! We can provide you with references of puppy buyers that have been to our home. A copy of the Drivers License must be on file if you are coming to our home to pick up the puppy. We are sorry for this inconvenience but after a close friend of mine was robbed and had her precious pups and dogs stolen we decided to make this rule. We will be glad to meet you in a public place for you to pick up your new puppy. All of the puppies are raised in our home with us.
  13. List of Things that need to be taken to airport to pick up your new baby.

o Bottle of Water
o Blanket for Crate
o Puppy food.
o Puppy potty pad to replace the one already in travel crate.

14. All puppies Sold are sold as AKC limited registration. If you wish you get full breeding right please contact us. Pricing is higher for Full breeding rights on puppies.

We would like a call or an email from you letting us know that you have received your new baby.

Payment Accepted

Credit Cards, Cash, Checks (must be cleared 2 weeks before the puppy ship, and Bank Wire transfers.

Bank Wires

We bank with Wells Fargo Bank and accept bank wires. We can email you a copy of our bank details after we approved your application. $100 discount off your puppy if you pay your puppy in full via bank wire if the puppy cost more than $3000.

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